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Entry #9


2008-06-29 14:24:45 by AwsomeLeo

i uploaded Awsome mario broz.
sorry for the cursor glitch


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2008-06-29 15:03:45

It could have used a little bit more work on it. And did it have sound? I couldn't hear anything.


2008-06-29 16:54:14

you should work on your artwork..
it wasnt half bad you know?
all you need to do is add Sound and smoothen things up!


2008-06-30 00:45:17

stinks that you spelled awesome wrong in your username... :/

AwsomeLeo responds:



2008-07-11 17:33:22

pssh i like everything you do leo only for the fact that i cant do it lolz and for some parts i like the stuff


2009-04-08 16:53:13

Your new game sucks, and deleting my comment does nothing. It just makes me think you're a fag. And you are.


2011-06-15 21:25:34

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